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I love a parade

put your pig hat on your head

I got up this morning and took the dogs to the San Francisco Carnaval parade. It was loud and Haylee barked a lot, one of her favorite activities, but nobody seemed to care at this parade. Here’s how it sounded:

It was a very positive experience, and all attendees were in friendly moods. I chatted with lots of nice people, some of whom were very drunk, and some of whom were very stoned. And it was 10:30 a.m.! And everybody was very happy!

A pedal car and a Dairy Queen

A pedal car and a Dairy Queen

Well, M. and S.’s wedding was beautiful, if I do say so myself. I officiated, which was a little nerve-wracking, but it really was such an honor to be asked. And I think the brides were happy with the ceremony (even though I managed to forget my pants, and had to be rescued by the ever-patient K. who drove back across town to pick them up).

It’s a very pleasant time of year in the Norfolk area. After getting together for a Bachelorette luncheon at Bubba’s Crab House (which has awesome crabcakes and she crab soup), K. and I headed to the boardwalk on Virginia Beach, where we rented one of these two-seater pedal cars. I’ve always wanted to do this, every time I’ve seen them, but I’ve never done it before. It was just as fun as I thought it would be, and cheap – $16 for the first hour! We even got a dipped cone at this Dairy Queen. It was quite a weekend.

Blogging from the airport

I’m back in Texas, but nowhere good. I’m sitting in the Dallas airport. I used to say that if you wanted to go to hell from Austin, you’d have a layover at DFW, and it’s apparently true for San Francisco as well. We had a two-hour layover here on the way out to Virginia, and now I’ve got more than an hour to kill on the way back. K. is actually headed to New York on the train, so I’m on my own here today. I tried to get on standby for an earlier flight, but they told me it was full, so I decided to rent a laptop from one of those machines to kill some time. It’s a pretty good deal — $7 an hour, and the Dell laptop I have is performing nicely. I look forward to being on my way, though.

Off to Virginia

Pedal-propelled Ferris Wheel

Above is a picture from a lovely, sunny Sunday afternoon last weekend. It was a great weekend, full of fun and relaxing things, and we even utilized our backyard for the first time. Oh, yeah, and we saw the most amazing version of the Golden Girls ever. This weekend, we’re headed to Norfolk, VA, for M. and S.’s wedding. We hear it might get up to 80 degrees. Wowza!

Stuff in the Street #4

So, this is actually my next-door neighbors’ recycling bin that you see here. The funny thing is that I have recently decided to learn to play the ukulele, and I practice in our apartment. This weekend it was very hot here (I actually wore shorts on Sunday) and we’ve had the windows open a lot. I like to think that my neighbor has been listening to me play the four chords I know over and over and it reminded him that he had a ukulele in his house he should get rid of right away.

I picked this one up, but the strings are shot, so, at least for now, my cheap uke sounds a lot better.

I found a few other good things in the street, and you can see them here.

The dogs hit the surf

The dogs’ first visit to the beach

On Sunday we drove down to Santa Cruz and took the dogs, and they experienced the beach for the first time. Tex doesn’t seem to be as likely to run away as Haylee does, so we let him off the leash. He went nuts. I’ve never seen him as completely overwhelmed with joy as he was that day. He ran around at top speed, he chased after other dogs’ balls, he dived into the water, and, of course, he rolled around in piles of nasty-smelling fly-covered seaweed.

Haylee also had fun, even though she had to stay on the leash. It’s for the best, really — she’s an enthusiastic swimmer, but not a particularly good one, so it’s good to have a way to reel her in.

The day before we had gone to a picnic in Golden Gate Park, where everyone was dressed in their summer clothes. Spring has sprung, and the weekend was warm. During the day, at least. After nightfall, I still needed a scarf.