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Rain, rain, go away

We’ve had a couple of fairly low-key weekends in a row, which has been great; I’ve been needing a rest. The only problem right now is the rain. It’s not raining this very second, and probably won’t rain for the rest of the day, but it’s been raining pretty steadily for the last week, it’s supposed to start raining again tomorrow, and it’s beginning to get to me. On Saturday it was unexpectedly dry, and we were car-sitting for the weekend, so we went out to the museum and then to see a movie in the Marina, but when the rain started coming down on the way home, I felt unreasonably depressed about it. I’ve upgraded my rain jacket and even got myself some rain pants, but I’ve got to work on the shoe situation. Damp socks dampen my spirits. Also I don’t like scootering in the rain, so I’m a bit hobbled by the constant wetness.

We saw two Oscar-nominated movies this weekend, Into the Wild and There Will be Blood. I’d like the next movie I see to be less about men, please. I’m not entirely sure I understand Hal Holbrook’s nomination — was he nominated for an Oscar because he climbed up a rocky hill? It was a little scary, especially when he was teetering there at the end, but it didn’t just seem like an Oscar-winning role.

Weekend at Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point hostel

So, as of January 11, we have lived in San Francisco for one year. Notice that I’ve changed the blog title.

This weekend we went out and stayed at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse hostel, which has a terrific hot tub overlooking the ocean. You can hear the surf and the stars and moon were bright enough to see the waves crest, and, of course, the beam of the lighthouse would pass over. Pretty amazing.

On Saturday we went to Santa Cruz and watched a bunch of sea lions on the wharf. There were certainly more than 100 hanging out that afternoon, and they reminded me of Haylee and Tex. See for yourself:

Big bad storm

Shortly after my last blog post, power went out at our house. This is quite a storm, worst in five years or something like that. PG&E is warning that some customers won’t get power back this weekend. Sounds like a great weekend to have visitors!

Back to reality

We have returned from The Bronx and are back in San Francisco. Re-entry from the holidays hasn’t been particularly easy; I have fond memories of being in school and getting a month plus off.

When we came back to the city the weather was beautiful, and we have visitors coming this weekend, so it seemed like it was going to be great. Alas, they’re in for a damp excursion, as the West Coast is seriously stormy. At the moment I’m looking out my dining room window at the heavy rain and severe winds the Weather Channel has been promising us for the last couple of days. I’m actually seeing rain being blown back up into the sky, and now and then a chunk of something will fly off our neighbor’s roof.

All of this is supposed to die down by tomorrow, when the tourists arrive, and just go back to the showers I’m getting used to. But for today we have real weather. If I didn’t have meeting to attend today, I’d use this as an excuse to miss work. Taking the bus today, this is no good for scootering.