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From atop Russian Hill

This weekend we took a great long walk around Russian Hill and saw many beautiful vistas, but I didn’t bring my camera so I don’t get to share them with you. This a camera phone pic that hardly does the walk justice.

It was a guided walk out of one of our San Francisco books; it was rated as “difficult,” and, frankly, I’ve got to agree. There was a lot of walking up staircases only to walk back down again. The highlight, actually was probably the foray into the San Francisco Art Institute for both the Diego Rivera mural and the beautiful views from their plaza. The public restroom didn’t hurt, either.

Another satisfied visitor

Bull Elephant Seal

Last weekend my mom was in town for a visit, and it was great. We headed out to the Año Nuevo Reserve and saw the huge and sluggish elephant seals, saw Last Picture Show at the Castro, did a hike at Land’s End, visited the Legion of Honor, and we even went to AsiaSF (more on that later). Luckily, we got in a lot of sightseeing and fun before Sunday night when I came down with the flu. (Lots of pre-flu pictures here.)

Now, back to AsiaSF … there’s a place we probably won’t be returning. Nothing terrible happened, the show was fine, but the service was, well, sort of bizarre. The food was surprisingly good when it came; everything we had was excellent. But it seemed to be served in the order it was prepared, and in huge batches. So, if you ordered crab cakes, you got your crab cakes when everybody else in the place who ordered crab cakes got their crab cakes. It didn’t really matter to them if the side of bok choy you ordered to go with the crab cakes got to you more than an hour (no, really) before the crab cakes arrived. I’m sure most people don’t go here for the food, but we had to eat, we were hungry. The shows happen right at dinnertime! Maybe I’m just to old and set in my ways for this sort of thing, but next time I’ll probably try to go and see gender illusionists at another venue, and eat a good meal beforehand.

As far as this weekend goes, K. is out of town and I’m still sick (this flu is hard to kick.) I’ve stuck pretty close to home, although I’ve managed to take some slow walks with the dogs, which is good because Tex is under the weather as well (ick). I installed Windows on my Mac so I could watch Netflix instant movies on my laptop, and I’ve done some chores related to the organization of my digital music collection, which is something nobody cares about but me, so it’s a fine thing to do when I’ve got the house to myself. If you want to see a my digital music inventory, click here. I also watched a movie I love that I feel like nobody else likes as much as I do. And I still love it, just like I thought I would.