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Walking to Twin Peaks

A view worth paying for.

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Boston for a conference, and I think that I managed to muck up my spine a bit on the flight. I’ve been nursing a painful back ever since. It seems to be getting better now, but it’s made it a little difficult for me to get much exercise. So this weekend, in order to get things back on track, I did a slow and steady hike up to Twin Peaks from our house.

It was a great fitness walk; about five miles from our house to the Peaks and back, according to Gmaps Pedometer. I did make a wrong turn, zigging when I should have zagged, and ended up climbing to the top via some sort of dry wash rather than the easy-to-ascend stairs. However, once I was at the top, I could see the right way to get back down, so I didn’t make that mistake twice.

It was a great day for a hike up to Twin Peaks in that it was clear and nice, so the views were beautiful. If you remember my post about this from a while back, you’ll know that going up on day that’s not clear makes the whole thing a bit less exciting.

But of course, it was clear, and it was also hot. The Twin Peaks are pretty bare, and my route to the top was shade-free. By the time I got up to the observation point I was tired and sweaty, and in need of something cold and refreshing. I ended up buying a Gatorade from the guy with the catering truck who parks up there everyday. His hat told me he’s a McCain supporter, but I’m assuming the profits he made from my drink won’t allow the Republicans to win.



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At the Ferry Building.At the Ferry Building.