I was up all night.

Not to complain about the heat in San Francisco, but I just don't have the right tools to deal with warm nights anymore. When you don't have any AC or even a fan, it's a pain. First, everybody is out wilding all night because they're able to go out in their short sleeves without carrying jackets and scarves, so it's loud and there are a 1,000 sirens. We left the window in our bedroom open – uneffective with no breeze – but the lack of screens meant that mosquitoes got in. Also, the cat that comes and yowls outside our window on warm nights (this is a strange thing that I don't understand) showed up too. So we moved out to our pull-out sofa, but the dogs were up and pacing, also too warm to sleep. Agh. Now I feel like crap. Going to go get some shade-grown locally roasted artisan iced coffee to make myself feel better.

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  Alan Maples wrote @

Hi there, I sent an email to your letters@clicheideas.com address, but being inherently impatient, I was worried you might not see it for a while, so I’m letting you know here.

  kedeelomoft wrote @

I’m always searching for brandnew blogposts in the world wide web about this topic. Thanx!!

  Karen Hobbs wrote @

OK, this was posted in August. You need to update your blog, and btw, it’s now 4 years and counting..
That’s awesome!
I’m so proud of your AIDS bike thingie,.. I’m so proud of you just in general. How you do all the things you do, I don’t know.

  Karen Hobbs wrote @

OKAY, UPDATE…. into the fourth year, here. I know you’re busy, but….

  karlamorris89578 wrote @

jou jonnyyy que tal “flamin” todo bien,beso al….nestaba solo para saludarte!!!eres el mejor del erasmus part1 lol heyt putain tendonde est Click http://d2.ae/hool090745

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