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Stuff in the Street #4

So, this is actually my next-door neighbors’ recycling bin that you see here. The funny thing is that I have recently decided to learn to play the ukulele, and I practice in our apartment. This weekend it was very hot here (I actually wore shorts on Sunday) and we’ve had the windows open a lot. I like to think that my neighbor has been listening to me play the four chords I know over and over and it reminded him that he had a ukulele in his house he should get rid of right away.

I picked this one up, but the strings are shot, so, at least for now, my cheap uke sounds a lot better.

I found a few other good things in the street, and you can see them here.

Stuff in the Street, Item #1

One thing that’s interesting about San Francisco is how you’re always finding crazy stuff in the street. On one of our pre-move trips here, we found a giant Indonesian walking stick (Euryncema species) mounted in a box, which, of course, we now have displayed proudly in our home. More recently, I’ve seen a denim-covered television set, a stack of bibles, and a 60s-era movie projector. In Austin you really had to wait for big-trash-pickup days to see the kind of weird stuff that gets left on the sidewalk every day here. I’ve decided to start documenting it. This scabbard is the first in what I predict will be a robust and ongoing series of photos of stuff in the street.