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Aloha to y’all!

Sunset in Wailea – looking much better than in my phone picture from the last entry.

I’ve finally uploaded a few of our many pictures from Maui, from which we returned last week. A vacation was wonderful and much needed after having to handle the emotional fallout from the passage of Proposition 8.

Yes. Proposition 8 sucks. We went to a protest in the city that gave me a bit more energy about the whole issue (I’ve put some video up here) and I’m relieved to see that the courts have decided to take up the issue as well. I’m beginning to find my hope again.

Now it’s almost Thanksgiving, and I’m counting my blessings, which includes the blessing of another short work week. I’ll use some of that time to post more Maui pics.

Catching up

Ellen and Kyre’s Wedding

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, I guess because this has been a really busy few weeks. In the last few weeks we’ve traveled out of town two weekend in a row, had lovely house guests, sold a scooter and bought a new one, and both of us have had changes to our jobs. There’s just been a tremendous amount of stuff going on.

But now I’m back on track and posting again. And I realize the thing I really should have posted here are that our (legal) wedding pictures are up on Flickr. Many thanks to Xande, who did a such a great job.

Wedding is today, oysters were yesterday

K and I will be legally wed this afternoon at San Francisco City Hall. Wow. (PS: No gifts, please. If you must do something, please make a donation here.)

I borrowed a Flip Ultra video camera from the office to film the occasion, and I tested it out yesterday when we headed out with our weekend visitors from NYC to Tomales Bay Oyster Company. Unfortunately, the wind kind of screwed with the sound, and of course, I’m just wandering around with it my hand, and it doesn’t really correct for that — it’s a little like the Blair Oyster Project. Nevertheless, I think it’s a pretty good depiction of our day.

My Birthday Weekend

Damn, if I only had a PSP!

For my birthday, K. took me to on a surprise trip to Guerneville, to a lovely new little place there called the Boon Hotel. It was really a wonderful relaxing weekend. We’ve been there before — our honeymoon was in the same area, the Russian River Valley, and the place we stayed then was a vacation rental house in the neighboring town of Monte Rio. And we’ve been back since, taking visitors, since it’s only about an hour and a half away, there’s some good restaurants and wineries on the way. Guerneville is home to Armstrong Woods State Park, which is a great place to see redwoods if you’re not interested in fighting the crowds at Muir Woods.

So, it’s a place we were familiar with, and sometimes it’s really nice to go someplace familiar where there’s less pressure to explore and you feel totally at ease just sitting by the pool. And, although not all the dining options in Guerneville are perfect, we already have some places in there we like to eat, too: Andorno’s, a pizza place that has an great seafood salad and a little French bread pizza thing called a “Garden Loaf;” and Pat’s, a diner where we can get really yummy diner-style sandwiches and soda-fountain treats like this:

Happy Birthday to me!

Oyster adventures north of city

a successfully shucked oyster

This weekend we went to Tomales Bay to eat oysters for K.’s birthday. This was a little intimidating, as I was concerned about the shucking process — Would we be able to eat any oysters at all, or would we just end up tossing ours back into the bay in frustration? — and that perhaps I would be a bit squeamish about the whole situation.

As it turned out, with a little practice, shucking oysters isn’t that hard, and, mostly, I wasn’t squeamish, although I did mention to K. that this was as close to hunting as I’d ever come. But the whole thing turned out great. In fact, I’d say that this was one of our best daytrips yet.

We hung out at Tomales Bay Oyster Company, which we’d heard got pretty hoppin’ with with families picnicking in the afternoons. And it was crowded, but we found table right away and set up shop. And, in a nutshell (or make that an oyster shell), it was awesome. Here are the pictures.

I’d also be willing to try Drake’s Farms Oysters, which we visited, as long as we took the oysters to a better picnicking spot. We like the idea of going to Hearts of Desire beach or the Vista Point picnic area in Tomales Bay State Park, too, so maybe that’s what we’ll try next time if we want a bit quieter dining experience.


At Murphy’s to have a hot hamburger with gravy over all.

Weddings, exploring, and carpet

In Haylee’s absence, Tex mans the grill

It’s been pretty busy since we got back from Hawaii. For example, J&C got married in New York the first weekend in May, so we went to City Island for the big event. On the weekends we haven’t been traveling, we’ve been making it a point to explore the city like tourists. We utilized our San Francisco “stairway walk” guidebook and had an exhausting climb through Eureka Valley the last weekend in April, and last Saturday we walked along the edge of the bay from Chrissy Field down to Fort Point, which is directly underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. On Sunday, we decided on the spur of the moment to head to the Napa Valley and do a little wine tasting.

Sometime in the middle of all that Haylee unravelled a piece of carpet and swallowed a bunch of yarn. The result was a big fat scary expensive mess. Long story short, Haylee spent a couple of nights in an animal hospital having surgery and spending my 401K contribution. Tex got the run of the house for a while, as you can see from the picture above. Haylee is back at home today, although not tremendously perky. Keep your fingers crossed.

On another note, today is Matthew Wood’s birthday, so I’ve been thinking about him a lot. I wish, for example, that I could tell him we finally bought some good knives, and that he was right, they really do make a huge difference.