About this site

The idea behind making this site was that it would give our friends and families a way to sort of keep up with us and easily look at pictures of our big adventure in San Francisco. However, I know I’m a bad blogger, because I’ve done it before and failed. I think I’m too easily distracted. So I’ve tried to create something that will update as easily as possible.

To the right of this column, what you’re seeing is a bunch of RSS (really simple syndication) feeds. I’m using feeds from del.icio.us help show what we’ve been up to. For example, if we eat somewhere, I’ll just go to the website and tag it. Simple as that. You can even roll over the link and see notes I’ve made, which is neat. I’ve also got a Twitter feed up there, and we’ll see how long I keep up with that.

I’m using Flickr to post pictures here, but I’m not giving up on Kodak Gallery. Although all their uploading software seems to be totally buggy, if I want to order prints, I’m going to use them — I like the nice white borders that I can get with them. Plus, I’ve got photos up there from years and years ago, back when it was Ofoto. If you didn’t ever see our move photos, this is where they are.

I’ll also point here that the picture at the top of this page is one I took when we were on a night cruise to Alcatraz. I keep thinking I’ll take a nice sunny landscape pic and put it up there, but I can’t seem to get much more San Francisco than a photo that includes two big landmarks like the Coit Tower and the Transamerica Tower.

Finally, you can subscribe if you’re, you know, really interested in keeping up. You can sign up for e-mail updates by clicking here, and there’s also an RSS feed.

I guess that’s it. Let me know if you have any suggestions. But, remember, I’m lazy, so they’ve got to be easy to implement.

(By the way, yes, Cliche Ideas is still around. The Amazon.com page is still up. Thanks for asking.)


  Maggie Wieting wrote @

I love your format – how you created three photos to correspond to three columns – with 3 separate “columnal” headings. Would love to know how you created it. Overall, excellent layout, colors – muted, ie. – and better than many, many others (blogs) online. Hope to get some feedback. Am looking forward to creating something similar. As they say, copying is a form of flattery. I just want to simulate the same on my blog, which am horribly, sadly trying to create. Ugh!

  Ellen wrote @

Aw, shucks. Thanks, I love flattery!

Well, you’re in luck, because my site is really easy to copy. I actually am just using a free blog and template from wordpress:
It allows you to upload your own picture for the header and divides it up nicely like that. The template is called “Fjords04.”

The upside is the blog and hosting is completely free and easy to use. If you want to do a lot of customization of colors and things, you don’t really get to do that, and you can only use the widgets provided by WordPress. But so far I’ve been completely satisfied with mine.

  D Friend wrote @

I love your blog and truly enjoy all of pics and reading. You mentioned Gas Prices on one of your blog pages – I want to suggest you work with Google Adsence https://www.google.com/adsense/login/en_US/f to bring in revenue as we all could do with a little more. You have a great blog website and adding Google Adsense will only make your blog profitable with very little effort from you.

  Greg wrote @

Ellen, I live in Vancouver BC, Cananda and saw your picture in a computer magazine. The strange thing is that I look just like you. I wanted to send you a photo to share with you and get your comments! Can you let me know how I can send you a photo (I can’t upload anything on this blog site)


  Jan wrote @

Hi Ellen,
Just writing to say I love your Cliche site. Thank you, thank you thank you for keeping it up.

Having gone through a similar experience with Amazon – it was so helpful to be able to ring them to resolve the issue. Don’t know how they think they can resolve an issue via email that took 45 minutes on the phone (from Australia).

(NOTE – When I spoke to them they were actually very helpful.)
I also like the format of your Blog pages. Columns make it easy to see many topics at once.
Can I make a suggestion that there also be a link or page so people can thank you for the Cliche page?


  robert mccoy wrote @

i read about you coment about amazon and i just wanted to add some more to it
i was a seller and my account was suspened saying that it was linked to another account that was suspened i have nor have i had ties with anyother account with amazon i had a 5 star rating you can call customer service they won’t help you you can call the corporate office they only connect you to a answering machine you can write they do not respond they said if i sent anymore emails they would not answer them they also will not let me download my invetory list now is that any way to run a company and not want to help the people that put them where they are at because without sellers they would not have a business so what do you do i sell the books to pay my medical bills thanks booksales201

  Glenn wrote @

Thanks to your page amazon.com just kicked back some money to me. How can I send some to you?

  Dan wrote @

I found your blog by way of the Amazon phone number post on Cliche Ideas. I thought you might want to know (and I hope it’s OK) that I posted a link to the Amazon article on my blog http://fathersanddoctors.blogspot.com/
I’m new to blogging and nobody comes to my site, but I thought you might want to see the entry called “another customer gone”

  Susan Bush wrote @

It took me a while to figure out how to say thank you!

I just had an “experience” with Amazon that I’d like to report. i received a Samsung TV today that won’t turn on. I called Samsung and they would only tell me to send it to a service center for repair (only 22″ so they won’t send anyone to me).

I was really frustrated when I tried to find the Amazon help number on their site – no luck at all, so Google to the rescue. Your site came up top of the list and the number that you posted in 2007 still works fine. They are sending a new TV out today (no fuss on their part at all) and will send a label so I can return the defective one.

Now I am one happy camper – all thanks to you!

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