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Sunset in Maui. Arrived this afternoon.Sunset in Maui. Arrived this afternoon.

Voting in the news

Me voting, in particular. One of our neighbors was on the New York Times website and found a picture of us standing in line to vote at The Wash Place. I didn’t think to take pictures, but somebody else did! I’m looking down at a little dog named Benito Juarez.

Get out and vote!

I just got back from voting at The Wash Place, our local laundromat/polling place. I actually voted for a Presidential candidate who wasn’t a white guy! Wow!

Everybody has been talking about the lines. The polls opened at 7 a.m. and we arrived about 6:50 a.m.; there was a line but it was still relatively short. Within 10 minutes, though, it was out the door, and was still out the door when I left at about 8:30.

San Francisco has the longest ballot in the country, with 12 state propositions and 22 city/county props. We also voted for a bunch of offices, including district supervisor and school board. I didn’t vote early because I wasn’t totally prepared yet — we were still making calls this morning to get input on local candidates. But I think I made good decisions all around.

The lines were longer than normal — I don’t think I’ve ever had even one person standing in front of me to vote at The Wash Place — but there was a nice feeling of community in the line. People were chatting, sharing cheat sheets, talking about the neighborhood. Somebody went out and bought a big box of donuts for voters. We met four of our neighbors we hadn’t ever talked to before. They knew the bassets, but not us.

So, if you haven’t done it yet, go out and vote! In California, it’s critical to vote no on Proposition 8 (that’s the equal marriage ban) and Proposition 4 (that’s the one that would allow parents to sue doctors who perform abortions and thus limit access to women’s health care). Don’t hesitate; buy a box of donuts, go talk to your neighbors, and vote.

Walking to Twin Peaks

A view worth paying for.

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Boston for a conference, and I think that I managed to muck up my spine a bit on the flight. I’ve been nursing a painful back ever since. It seems to be getting better now, but it’s made it a little difficult for me to get much exercise. So this weekend, in order to get things back on track, I did a slow and steady hike up to Twin Peaks from our house.

It was a great fitness walk; about five miles from our house to the Peaks and back, according to Gmaps Pedometer. I did make a wrong turn, zigging when I should have zagged, and ended up climbing to the top via some sort of dry wash rather than the easy-to-ascend stairs. However, once I was at the top, I could see the right way to get back down, so I didn’t make that mistake twice.

It was a great day for a hike up to Twin Peaks in that it was clear and nice, so the views were beautiful. If you remember my post about this from a while back, you’ll know that going up on day that’s not clear makes the whole thing a bit less exciting.

But of course, it was clear, and it was also hot. The Twin Peaks are pretty bare, and my route to the top was shade-free. By the time I got up to the observation point I was tired and sweaty, and in need of something cold and refreshing. I ended up buying a Gatorade from the guy with the catering truck who parks up there everyday. His hat told me he’s a McCain supporter, but I’m assuming the profits he made from my drink won’t allow the Republicans to win.



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At the Ferry Building.At the Ferry Building.

Catching up

Ellen and Kyre’s Wedding

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, I guess because this has been a really busy few weeks. In the last few weeks we’ve traveled out of town two weekend in a row, had lovely house guests, sold a scooter and bought a new one, and both of us have had changes to our jobs. There’s just been a tremendous amount of stuff going on.

But now I’m back on track and posting again. And I realize the thing I really should have posted here are that our (legal) wedding pictures are up on Flickr. Many thanks to Xande, who did a such a great job.

My Musical Debut

By request (S.L., this one’s for you!), and because I had borrowed the Flip Ultra teeny camcorder from work, I have recorded and uploaded the first video of me playing a ukulele — specifically, the banjo uke I got from my dad for my birthday.

This is quite an occasion, since I have barely even played the ukulele in front of anyone but K and family members. The video really shows how comfortable I am performing in front of a camera, I think – basically, not too comfortable at all. Click here to watch.